Róisín O supporting Mary Black in Germany

Can’t wait to support Mary Black in Germany, looking forward to some more gigs and my debut TV appearance on ZDF moma!
If you want a copy of my album click here, it’s delivered worldwide.

gig in germany

Köln with Ryan Sheridan

I had a great time supporting Ryan Sheridan in October, and I’ll be opening for Mary Black in Germany January 2014.

Here are the shows with Mary Black in Germany:
Friday 24 January – Passionskriche, Berlin
Saturday 25 January – Kolosseum, Lübeck
Sunday 26 January – Savoy Theater, Düsseldorf
Tuesday 28 January – Lutherkirche, Osnabrück
Wednesday 29 January – Christuskirche, Bochum
Thursday 30 January 2014 – Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Frankfurt

You can get tickets for these shows with Mary Black in Germany by clicking here.

Bis Bald,

Róisín O

Hold On video

Have some big news – I’m delighted to announce I have signed a record deal with JSM in Germany, with my debut album coming out there later this year!

To mark the occasion, I’d also like to share the brand new video for Hold On with you all! Please Share if you enjoy it.

The video is directed by Simon Eustace, and features Aaron Heffernan, Mirjana Rendulic, Geraldine McAlinden and Colin Condon. Special thanks to Dogpatch Labs Dublin.

Hold On

Hold On

An Ri Ra Butte, and more | US Blog #3

August 1st
After driving back to New York, me and Jenni pack up our stuff at Luke’s apartment and head to our new digs. We’ve rented a deadly loft apartment in this cool part of Brooklyn called Bushwick. The streets are covered with amazing street art and every second shop is a thrift store. When we get there we’re delighted to see Peter, Magrath and Gearoid, our friends from Dublin who’re here for the rest of our time in New York. The apartment has an unbelievable roof top terrace with a beautiful view of Manhattan. I have five days off spanning ahead of me… the fun begins.

August 2nd
The next couple of days included fun touristy things like; MOMA; The Guggenheim; Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge; watching the Dubs beat Cork in an Irish bar in the city; The Statten Island Ferry; The Statue of Liberty; The High LIne; Times Square; Coney Island; on most nights, followed by a session on our rooftop terrace. Our apartment is such a hit we find random people strewn across the furniture most mornings. My days off fly by and before I know it I’m saying goodbye to my friends and my new Bushwick home and heading for San Francisco.
August 7th
After a brief moment of panic before landing, thinking the plane is about to crash into San Francisco Bay, I touch down in SFO. I’m greeted by my Uncle Michael and my cousin Maeve at baggage claim who give me the most amazing red velvet cup cake and drive me back to their home in Sunset Boulevard. Michael moved here to go to college in the 80s and, after meeting his Californian wife-to-be Sonia, never came home. They now have three gorgeous teenage girls Ciara, Maeve and Catriona. It’s so good to see them all. On the walls I see some amazing pictures of my parents and brother Danny as a kid that I’ve never seen before. We all sit down and have an amazing meal cooked by Michael. They’re such good craic to hang out with, it’s like a little bit of home.
August 8th
Back to another airport. At the gate we meet my other Uncle Shay who has pretty much the same story as Michael but lives just outside San Fran in Berkeley. We’re all heading to a festival – An Ri Ra Butte, Montana. We’re joined by Cathy, Eamon, Tesser and Bobbi who all play in my uncles’ band. Sorry forgot to mention my uncles musicians too! After a short plane ride to Salt Lake City, which includes some amazing views of the lake, we get on an even tinier plan to An Ri Ra Butte. On it we meet Brian Cunningham, a dancer from the band Teada. I had played with them a few times before when I went to college in San Jose… have a feeling this is going to be a good weekend. We arrive late into Butte and are picked up by the festival coordinators. When we arrive to the hotel the session is in full swing. I try to get to bed early… two gigs tomorrow… but somehow don’t manage it.


August 9th
The first gig is on the main stage at An Ri Ra Butte. For the festival the town has basically closed off its main street and the surrounding areas to make room for four stages and loads of food, drink and clothes stalls. My uncles have asked me to sing with them in their set. I know most of the songs and the high harmonies from listening to them as a kid so it goes pretty well with just the one rehearsal that morning under our belts. My own gig is in a smaller marquee stage down the road. I’m a bit nervous, no one knows me here and it’s the first gig I’ve done completely on my own. After a few songs the tent really begins to fill up. By the end it pretty packed and the response is brilliant. That night the session continues in the hotel lobby. Musicians from all over the world have come for the festival and the talent in that one room is unbelievable. Head to bed just a little bit earlier tonight… four gigs tomorrow.

August 10th
First gig is in the on the main stage with my Uncles again. When I get down to the marquee stage for my own set the tent is already packed. It’s a great feeling. I start my set, but in the middle of Tea Song the sky opens up like I’ve never seen before in my life. One second it’s a lovely sunny day the next there’s people running for shelter from rain drops the size of apples! For safety reasons the PA system in the tent the has to be turned off until the rain dies down. I sit at the edge of the stage talking to some audience members while we’re waiting but, after a while, it doesn’t seem to be wearing off. At this point the tent if full to the brim with people trying to escape the rain as well as the audience who came to see me, so I decide to get up and sing the rest of the set acoustically. Everyone goes extremely quiet and the reaction afterwards is immense. The rain eventually stops and the power is switched back on but no one seems to leave. I invite them all to my third gig of the day on the second stage. The second stage is at the bottom of a steep grassy hill which serves to act as an amphitheater for the stage. When I arrive later on for my set it seems most of the audience from the tent have taken the invite. It’s a great laugh to play for them again. Straight afterwards I sing with my uncles on the stage and the crowd love them. The session that night in the hotel tops the lot. Dancing on tables and playing on the floor until who knows what time. Amazing weekend at An Ri Ra, Butte, Montana.

The Burren, parking ticket, and more | US Blog #2

31st July
I’ve only been driving the rental car through New York for 30 seconds and I’m already being beeped at like I just ran over someone’s Granny. Co pilot Jenni is no help; out of the corner of my eye I can see her attempt to keep a calm face while tightly gripping the door handle. In the back seat Luke takes over for her as navigator while Maggie and Paddy keep quiet beside him not wanting to disturb us in this moment of terror. We’re on our way from Brooklyn to my first headline show in The Burren in Boston. The next 20 minutes pass me in a blur but somehow we manage to get out of the city and on to the freeway unscathed. The rest of the trip passes by relatively uneventfully apart from one incident when we stop for lunch in a small town somewhere in Connecticut.  I park down the road a bit from a café where we head to get some food. I’m sure to put in a good few quarters into the meter next to the car. As I’m sitting outside the café enjoying my pesto and cheese panini I see a cop car pulled up beside our car. As I run over the cop gets in his car. I stare at the meter; I still have 8 minutes left. I take the ticket off the windscreen. “Offence: Parking with the passenger side wheel to the curb”…? I stare at the cop in disbelief… what does that even mean? He rolls down his window as he see’s the dumb look on my face and says in a thick Connecticut drawl, “Ma’am, you can’t park with your passenger side to the curb.” I can’t even utter the words, ”But I’m Irish!” Before he’s speeding off down the road in search of other parking offences. We continue on to The Burren.

Roisin O

On the road to The Burren

Roisin O

After The Burren

We arrive in Boston and me and Luko head straight to sound check. The Burren is a really cool venue just outside the city. Sound check goes smoothly but I’m really nervous. It’s our first headline show of the tour and the first night Luke and me will play the full set together. After some food and a quick interview with Sean, we head downstairs to the dressing rooms to get changed. It’s time to go on stage and I’m really nervous. As I walk out on stage in The Burren from behind the curtain I see the place is rammed! A huge cheer greets us and we get straight into our first song “Let’s Find Some People”. The crowd is fantastic, a few songs in they’re singing along and really put me at ease, the nerves are soon forgotten about. After two encores I come off stage buzzing.

The rest of the evening is spent talking to audience members in The Burren, it’s about half and half Irish and American and the response is great. I meet Andrew, Paul Brady’s nephew, who I had been introduced to last week in Whelan’s. He takes us all out into the city after the show. It’s an amazing night to start off the tour. Next stop – An Ri Ra Butte, Montana…